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XAD is a comprehensive, interactive agency dedicated to strategizing, designing, and developing every dimension of your brand on the internet. Your website is just the foundation of your web presence; Search engines, social media and various other user-generated tools have created new mediums where INTERACTING with consumers is possible. Harness this potential and ensure the viability of your business with relevant, unified campaigns that project a consistent brand image across the web.

Online Presence: Show Up or Shut Down
At first glance, “online presence” seems relatively simple. You put up a website, maybe build a Facebook page, and you’re in. However, when you look beyond the surface, online presence is so much more than the mere existence of a web page, no matter how big or fancy it is. Your online presence is not simple existence on the internet – really, it’s all about visibility...
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Online Social Media in Marketing:
Now more than ever, businesses are utilizing online social media to connect with potential clients... Some argue that the days of advertising in tangible media (such as in magazines and newspapers) are coming to an end. With our economy still very much in recovery, it has become increasingly important for businesses to utilize online social networks - such as Facebook and Twitter - to widen their reach.
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